When Was Peak Muscle Car

2006 Pontiac GTO

2006 Pontiac GTO
Image: GM Archives

Also, Peak Muscle =/= Peak Car just in case we have some boomers out there.

Peak Car, 2001-2003? TopGear reboot, You still had Honda cranking out NSX, S2000, RSX-S, Hatchback Sis, Mk5GTI, Nissan Z rebirth, Infiniti G, Toyota MR2 (and Prius for those types), Ford has a sleeper hit with SVT focus – at least the best seats ever made, Mustang is about to get rebooted, Camaro can still be *found*, C5, Pontiac GTO/Olds still existed, lots of true body on frame SUVs, Hummer, Series II Discos, both TJ and XJ exist, Chrysler 300, Prowler in production, BMW was pre-Bangled and offering straight 6 M power, Audi was finally getting something interesting. Subaru/Mitsubishi reach peak rivalry with Evo/WRX, Saab still quirky. Volvo isn’t making rounded suvs exclusively YET but V70R exists, Aston Martin revival, Lambo/Ferrari Revival -Muriceigo/Gallardio F430,599,Enzo, FordFalcon/Holden SS. Did I miss anything – likely. Kia/Hyundai finally move to non-mitsubishi designs and some become halfway decent. Porsche was not making SUVs YET.

Finally, decent safety without excessive nanny-state controls, daily usability, visibility exists. And you could still get manuals in common cars. Fightme. Pre bubble 1998 is a close second by those were also dark days for some German options. Peak Japan, but Germany/US were not cresting.

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